HILLARY 2.0 #meghanmarkle #Princeharry

167 Likes, 9 Comments - The Duke&Duchess of Cambridge (@william_catherina_daily) on Instagram: “It's Victory Day 🎉 Today, #PrinceHarry and #Meghanmarkle , the Duke and #DuchessofSussex, have…” The next remarked, "You'd think the ungrateful lying hypocrite #PrinceHarry would have been here already to visit his Grandmother already but #MeghanMarkle hasn't given her permission for him to do so!" A commenter tweeted, "@RoyalFamily I urge Prince Harry to fly to London, England to visit his grandmother ASAP. Fd predictions tumblr. Fd predictions tumblr 1.1m Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from ‘princeharry’ hashtag Dubbo has welcomed the downpour with a crowd of 30,000 gathering for the town’s barbecue celebration for the couple. Moments after Harry and Meghan sat with a local farming family to hear about ... Обвенчавшиеся сегодня днём князь и княгиня Романовы рады приветствовать гостей на приеме ... Meghan is radiant in a cream Calvin Klein dress as she joins Prince Harry for a gala performance in London. #duchandduchessofsussex #meghanmarkle #princeharry #whomagazine Accompanied by her doting husband, Meghan attends a special performance of The Wider Earth at the Natural History Museum in London. The latest from London THE LATEST FROM LONDON Meghan Markle has apologised to a UK court after admitting to being involved in a favourable biography of her short tenure as a frontline royal in Britain, despite having previously denied it.

2021.12.04 15:19 chickyrogue HILLARY 2.0 #meghanmarkle #Princeharry

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2021.12.04 15:19 Awkward-Ad6455 Dad, this kid keeps bullying me for the way I say sausage...

Barry, you're 23 jobless and live in our basement. You do those twattoks all day when you should be looking for full time employment.
Get a grip.
Sorry, guys my son came in when I was writing the joke.
So anyway, I turned to him and said "just hit him, what's the WURST that could happen" 🤣🤣🤣
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2021.12.04 15:19 ZoolShop SpaceX starts building Starship launch pad in Florida

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2021.12.04 15:19 alfmartin23 20 m looking for gaming mates

Hey im 20 from England i need people who have mics and are chatty.
Im into games like fifa gta dead by daylight, first class trouble, cod, fall guys but i also play many more dm me everyons welcome
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2021.12.04 15:19 AnOldSchoolVGNerd Venture/Frostnite woes

Maybe it comes down to the times I play, but I have a tough time getting Venture and Frostnite going lately. I'll sit and wait, no one joins, or maybe one person might. I've gotten three or four a few times, but empty rooms happen quite often. I think "I can't be the only person in NA-East playing this right now".
There's also some "locked profile" issue that happens if I finish one game and immediately go to start another. This is my first post here, but I'm sure this has been reported many times by now already.
Another thing is that for one of the Venture quests you have to do Rescue the Survivors at 82+, but for the past day or two no RtS has come up for level 82. I should still unlock 94 soon and I guess I'll complete it then if they show up there. I just think its odd that none have popped up at power level 82.
So to sum up, I've spent a lot of time trying to play instead of actually playing.
Has this been happening for anyone else?
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2021.12.04 15:19 Glad-Assistance-6575 STAKING WEBSITE UPDATE

Message from the Devs:
Family, we are sorry for the delay of the Saitama staking pool. The current contract was bottlenecking so we will be using a new staking smart contract with better tech.
Please do not stake your tokens in the current pool. as the 10 day event is over.
Coding the staking platform takes a bit of time. Do not worry, the Saitama Tokens are waiting to be rewarded. We just want to make sure it’s all running smoothly.
We will update you once we know more. We promise the process to stake will be much easier ❤️🥷
Chee - TG Mod
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2021.12.04 15:19 roonishpower I made a website to create & explore tech roadmaps to make career planning and visualization easier!

There are over 50 career roadmaps right now. It's built with golang and nextjs. You can see the github repository over here https://github.com/guyandtheworld/reallyconfused and the whole website is hosted over here https://reallyconfused.co/
Full Story
Five years ago as I was learning to code, I was frustrated about not knowing the whole journey. Recently I decided to revisit this problem again and to solve this, I decided to build a web app where you can create and share learning roadmaps, and beginners can explore roadmaps based on careers and programming languages. The aim of this project is not to give a single roadmap to anyone as a prescription that promises a career if you do X, Y and Z, but merely an exploratory platform that can be used as a source of inspiration if you get stuck because no tech career path is the same. I managed to get over 50 learning roadmaps on a variety of careers and programming languages. It's built with golang and nextjs and use postgres as a database. I'd love your feedback and your criticism!
Best Regards.
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2021.12.04 15:19 Henry34111 "WHAT DOES HYPER-REALISTIC EVEN MEAN?"

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2021.12.04 15:19 honor_bound15 Can I change my hair texture?

So growing up I had pretty curly hair. After that I kept it pretty short. Like military style with close fades. I've recently been growing the top out and now it's just frizzy and wirey. I want it to get that "natural fall" like Leonardo DiCaprio style is the best way to describe it. Is there anything I can use or anyway to add weight to my hair to achieve that natural gravity fall in my hair?
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2021.12.04 15:19 AsheMorella What happens when you ask an a.i. to draw Aang. Made by the dream app by wombo

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2021.12.04 15:19 IWasFramedByHobbits Maybe I'll just check how the crypto markets are doing this fine Saturday...

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2021.12.04 15:19 WarMongeringBastard Thatcher’s destruction of British industry was so damaging that even the CBI has now attacked it. If Boris Johnson really wants a ‘levelling-up’ economy, only unprecedented state investment can make it happen.

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2021.12.04 15:19 basicbrownpotato What Video length would you watch completely?

I would like to dabble into 20 to 30 minute videos but afraid they don't get views and have low retention rate.
View Poll
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2021.12.04 15:19 Good-Plane-1020 🏵️The Shiba Max Army🚀 is Unstoppable!⚔️ Shiba Max aims to generate a Network Effect unparalleled in the Crypto & DeFi, and be the best Millionaire Maker project in DeFi!💸 We are going to be the next big community-driven token taking the Crypto Market by Storm!⚡ Join the Movement !

🏵️The Shiba Max Army🚀 is Unstoppable!⚔️ Shiba Max aims to generate a Network Effect unparalleled in the Crypto & DeFi, and be the best Millionaire Maker project in DeFi!💸 We are going to be the next big community-driven token taking the Crypto Market by Storm!⚡ Amazing Community & developer Team! Join the movement ! join the Revolution!
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Shiba Maximum Rewards: All holders will have their Shiba Max balance grow through RFI Rewards at intervals as the Shiba Max Army grows. This function will allow the Army to effectively earn interest rewards which will increase as our community grows. Our mission is to ensure that the Shiba Max Army is rewarded as our domination of the Crypto Market continues on.
The Shiba Max NFT Marketplace and its offerings is brimming on the horizon. We will be working garner a roster of the best Digital artists, Influencers, Celebrities, and Athletes to have an all-star lineup of NFT releases at launch. The Dynamic NFT releases would also be paired with Physical Merchandise to add further value to our Marketplace offerings. Airdrops will also be going out to our top shillers and holders.
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2021.12.04 15:19 ryan_bee Do you find boys wearing Thongs attractive or unattractive?

I barely started wearing them not too long ago and have thought about wearing them to school however am embarrassed people may tell or not. But I genuinely question if you girls find these attractive on boys ?
There are certain styles I would and wouldn’t wear as some are just too ugly lol
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2021.12.04 15:19 Kezly People who have ONLY played Dread and have no prior Metroid knowledge - how easy was the story to follow?

My friend wants to borrow my copy of Dread but has never played a Metroid game before. Should I fill him in on some backstory? Is it easy enough to pick up from the cut scenes? Does it not even matter because the gameplay is fun?
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2021.12.04 15:19 owsll I made 8bit MoistCr1tikal

Youtube Link
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2021.12.04 15:19 Fadshadufa Prosím o vyplnenie dotazníka.

Dobrý deň, som študent vysokej školy pomôžte mi prosím vyplnením tohto dotazníka, ďakujem.
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2021.12.04 15:19 DeusVult771 Why use linux if windows is easier to use, if I wont code or anything?

give me good reasons to use linux instead of windows for everyday use.
Creating things folders and moving them is so much easier on windows, and installing things is so much easier , where on linux u gotta write stuff on terminal.
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2021.12.04 15:19 andrew12344278 Star Trek Redemption Part 1: To Boldly Go: "Checking In." Part 3

Helldate: January 2nd, 2020 AD. 13:25
"Charlie, who on earth are these people?" Questioned Alastor, looking intriguingly mystified by the Starfleet crew. He, like Charlie, hadn't seen these kinds of people before in his time in Hell.
"Well, Alastor, these people aren't from Hell at all. They come from a Federation of Planets! Isn't that incredible?" Charlie enthusiastically informed Alastor.
"A Federation of what? My dear Charlie, you can't believe everything you hear from anybody. These people are just mere demons in disguise for a mere joke." Alastor responded as his smile continued to beam out into the room.
Edison looked at Charlie before begrudgingly straightening his uniform. It would be hard to convince this person that the Federation exists and an even more challenging task that they were telling the truth.
"Well, Mr. Alastor, I should introduce myself before you make any more assumptions. I am Captain Edison James Hendrix of the Federation Starship Excalibur. I strongly protest your accusations of us merely fooling Charlie. We have definitive proof of the Federation's existence and other life forms other than humans." Edison protested; he didn't want Charlie to get the impression that they were fooling her.
"Well then, "Captain," where is this proof of yours? I'm all ears."
"We have a member of the Vulcan species who is serving as our Chief Medical Officer. Commander, please step forward if you could be so kind." Requested Edison requested. The Vulcans were, after all, the first species Humanity made first contact with, so with Kylkuc being the one to prove that aliens exist, it would be their be shot.
Kylkuc stepped forward when asked with his usual Vulcan attitude. "Captain, I fail to recognize the solution by you calling me." He said in a cold, logical tone.
Alastor looked somewhat surprised, with his eyes enlarging and his gaze fixated at the Vulcan.
"My word, Human, what on Earth have you done to your ears? I must commend you for your effort towards this prank. Great show!" Alastor said to Kylkuc with a comedic tone. He then laughed after finishing his response, but when he looked back at the Vulcan, his facial expression never changed in the slightest.
"I fail to recognize the humor of the situation. Am I dancing around the room like an Earth Jester? I have not changed my physical appearance for any humorous reason. In fact, I was born with it, just like with the rest of my species." Kylkuc responded to Alastor. In contrast to his energetic attitude, he was held back and logical.
"We also have another Life form we made contact with. His name is Xehrarv Daar. He's a Tellarite, a species we made contact with in 2152. He is my Chief of Security aboard my ship. Lieutenant, would you please step forward?" Asked Edison to his Tellarite Chief of Security.
Xehrarv grunted as he stepped forward towards Alastor. He was shorter opposed to Edison and even more stout in contrast to Alastor. Xehrarv looked upwards at him in disgust; he had done nothing but belittled his crewmates and treated them like imposters trying to deceive and trick Charlie.
"I must say, the makeup effects are quite sound! Maybe you all have a career in entertainment." Alastor snicked as he put his hand over his mouth, trying to contain his laughter.
"My body is not makeup effects. Are you trying to get yourself punched in the teeth!?" Xehrarv rebutted indignantly. He was not going to let some pompous demon mock him and his species.
"Oh my! This midget has got some fight in him!" Alastor joked as he towered over Xehrarv, aspiring to get a little fun out of this one.
Xehrarv frankly looked pissed as a wave of anger and hate washed across his face like a tsunami. He clenched his left fist as he reached his right fist for his phaser that was on his side. "You want to take this outside, motherfu-?!" Xehrarv bellowed at Alastor. Edison recoiled after hearing his chief of security becoming so angry. This confrontation was going to end in someone getting hurt if he didn't stop this. He then rushed to get between Xehrarv and Alastor as he put his hands between the two.
"Hey Hey Hey!" Edison called out as he raised his hands. "No one is going to kill each other while I'm in command!" As he pointed to Xehrarv as Alastor smugly smiled while Xehrarv resembled more ferocious than ever. "You're not off the hook, Alastor!" As he moved his pointed finger towards Alastor as Alastor looked joyfully surprised. "You're not in any position to insult my crew, and quite frankly, I'm sick of it. So knock it off." Edison sternly commanded as he continued to point his finger to Alastor.
"Hm, Fair enough." Alastor conceded as he crossed his arms.
"Well, I should elaborate on what we are before you make any further assumptions," Edison said to Alastor as he signaled to Xehrarv to back away from Alastor. He grumbled as he walked away from Edison and Alastor as he sat on a couch where the knocked-out Security Officer was lying down.
"You may have seen us above one of your cities." Explained Edison as he straightened his uniform.
"Well, I can't think of doing anything better right now; I am excessively bored!" Alastor enthusiastically said. But after he spoke, something happened that none of the crew expected or even fathom could happen. A black squid-like tentacle came out of a red portal that had rematerialized seemingly out of nowhere and grabbed a seat by its tip and dragged it across the lobby before stopping at Alastor's legs, which he then promptly sat. Understandably the Starfleet crew was parts shocked, mystified, and in the case of Kylkuc, Fascinated.
"W-What in the world? How did you do that?" Questioned a confused Edison.
"Do what?" Responded Alastor, still smiling.
"I mean, What you just did, how did you that?"
"Well, to sit, you have to..." Alastor began to trail off as he clutched his staff
"What? No, I know how to sit; I mean, what just happened to the chair." Edison tried to explain.
"You're going have to elaborate, my dear James. That is your middle name, correct? It rolls off the tongue more than Edison or Hendrix. It's just a mouthful." Alastor further talked. But as the word James was uttered, Edison became apprehensive to Alastor as he walked to him before stopping at the front of him sitting.
"Do me a favor. Could you not call me James? Only Teryoshina can call me J-" Edison stopped talking to compose himself and put his hand over his face before taking it off. "Forgive me." Edison conceded as he stepped away from Alastor.
"Ah, no worries, Ed," Alastor responded.
Edison had contained himself from exploding at Alastor. Only his Dad would ever call him "Ed." But he wanted to show the enlightened sensibility of Starfleet and the Federation, so he tried his best to forget about what he said.
"Well, first things first, the seeds of the Federation were planted in 2063 when Humans made first contact with extraterrestrials after the first Warp Flight by Zefram Cochrane." Explained Edison.
"Wait, what's a warp flight?" Questioned Charlie as she got into the conversation.
"Well, Ms. Mange, Warp drive is a form of travel we use that allows us to travel through space at faster-than-light speeds." Explained Kylkuc.
"Faster than light travel? That's... incredible!" Charlie in a captivated tone of voice.
"Although I thought it was to be proven impossible by Einstein through the Theory of relativity," Charlie questioned with some doubt in her Voicevoice but wanted to know more about the subject at hand.
Edison's eye's elevated slightly; this response signified his impression of Charlie for being knowledgeable about the subject. Einstein was common knowledge in the Federation, where citizens worshiped his ideas of science and reasoning, but here in Hell, he thought it was the contrary.
"You see, Ms. Mange, Warp Propulsion operates by generating warp fields to form a subspace bubble that enveloped a starship such as the Excalibur, distorting the local spacetime continuum and moving the Starship at velocities that can significantly exceed the speed of light. So in a sense, we are simply using the fabric of spacetime as a "surfboard," as humans would call it, to propel ourselves faster than light." Explained Kylkuc with Charlie's Fascination growing by the second.
"That's… incredible! But how did you manage to compensate for the inertia for when you reach faster than light speeds?" Charlie questioned as she was captivated by Kylkuc's words.
"We have a database onboard on our ship; perhaps we can show you sometime." Edison cut in. He and his crew weren't here to explain complicated Warp Theories; they were to discover why they were here and, more importantly, find a way to get the Hell out of this hellhole. No pun intended.
"When we arrived in Hell, we picked up a source of Subspace interference that was high and centralized in nature. As mentioned earlier, when arriving at the location, we arrived right here." Edison explained as he pointed towards the floor. Alastor looked entrained. To him, the Starfleet crew was putting on a show for him, and he was taking in every word of it.
"Then, when you arrived through those doors, our tricorders detected you as the source of the interference. The main question I have to ask is for the safety of my crew and my ship, are causing this?" Edison questioned Alastor as he looked at him directly.
"Hm, let's see." Alastor paused. "Subspace interference, you say? What would your quote-unquote "Federation." He said as he air quoted using his fingers. "-exactly calls Subspace interference." Alastor finished.
"Starfleet registers Subspace interference as interference that so calls "messes" with the fabric of space," Edison explained in the most simple of terms so that Alastor could be able to understand.
"Hm… I may have an idea about what you are talking about. Could it be that my powers could be causing this interference you're making this so hard about?" Alastor hypothesized.
"Well, that is one possible hypothesis. But we would need to scan it to gain more knowledge." Rebutted Edison.
"Ed, I have a question." Alastor started as he stood from his chair, towering above Edison by nearly a third of a meter. As he stood up, Edison could now fully see his smile, which was striking and imposing like a starship seen from a nearby shuttlecraft.
"If you're from this so-called Starship, where precisely is it? From what I see, you just arrived here out of thin air." Alastor asked Edison.
"Well, I suppose you could say that. We arrived here from a transporter device that beamed us down from the Excalibur to the front of this hotel." Responded Edison. He didn't know if Teleportation technology was as prevalent here, but he insinuated it from what he saw of Hell.
After listening to Edison's response, Alastor burst into laughter, with him kneeling over and placing his hands on his kneecaps as he struggled to keep standing up.
"Oh, the "Humans" can teleport now! Hahaha! Oh, that's funny. Please Continue!" Alastor continued to laugh as he tried to keep a straight face.
Charlie began to feel more and more suspicious of these people by their every second. It was one thing that they could go faster than the speed of light and meet with Aliens, but them being able to use teleportation technology was something that Charlie didn't know that she could be able to believe.
"What part about this is funny? I am simply saying that-" Edison tried to explain as someone else entered through the hallways. Edison's gaze turned to the Demon that now entered the lobby.
The Demon was slim and had lavender-colored skin. The Demon had long white hair that extended down to her kneecaps. It also wore a large pink bow on the back of its head. What made its appearance distinctive to Charlie and Alastor was that its left eye was missing and was substituted by a pink X on a slate-gray eyepatch. It also wore a white dress with gray X's on her chest with a gray stripe that was across her waist. It looked puzzled as its gaze turned towards Edison and his crew. Edison, in his view, was just surprised as the Demon who walked in. What confused him the most was that the Demons were uncannily humanoid. He saw more variety in body features in Earth Spacedock than in Hell, where the average laws of the universe didn't apply here.
"Charlie?" The Demon spoke a female voice with a soft Latin American accent. "This Demon must know Charlie personally." Edison thought to himself as he was fixated on the Demon. "Who are these people?" The Demon spoke.
"Oh, Vaggie!" Charlie spoke up as she eagerly shuffled to her before stooping by her side.
"Charlie, who are these people? And why are they in the lobby?" Vaggie asked as she looked to the Starfleet crew as she walked forward to them.
Edison breathed as he straightened his uniform once again. How many introductions was he going to do today for the Federation?
"I am Captain Edison Hendrix of the Starship Excalibur, representing the United Federation of Planet's and its exploratory arm, Starfleet." Edison started.
Vaggie laughed as she crossed her arms. Almost like these people were playing a prank on her and her Charlie.
"Sure you are, Mister "Captain." She sarcastically said as she stood between the Starfleet crew and Charlie.
"What's your game, huh?" Vaggie asked as she got closer to Edison, attempting to intimidate him.
"We don't have a game at all, Madam." Edison began to speak as he stood as straight as he could.
"Our mission is to understand why we are and, more importantly, to return back to Federation space. Another possible mission is to explore and document this newfound world; our mission is one of peace, not conflict." Edison explained in a compassionate speech as he lengthened his arms to his sides.
"Ha! That's funny. Alright, I'll give to the count of three to get the Hell out of here before I-!" Vaggie asserted as she clutched her spear, leaning itself against the lobby table, and pointed it at Edison. Before Vaggie could say anymore, she was grasped by the shoulders by Charlie, signifying her to stop.
Immediately, the security forces reached for their phasers. Alastor's eyes began to enlarge in joy while Charlie's eyes enlargened with fear. Edison knew this was going to become violent unless he did something drastic and something very Un-Starfleet. Which, in his mind, was the most Starfleet thing to do. He moved his hands to his security forces, signaling them to stand down.
"Stand down. As your commanding Officer and Captain, I will not authorize any harm on behalf of these people! We're supposed to be evolved from our past selves; then let's prove it without any violence, shall we?" Edison spoke with confidence as his face turned into one of disappointment. The Security team looked at Edison with confusion for a short time before relenting and putting away their Phasers. Edison sighed with relief as he put down his arms. That was one group of people taken care of, now to the next. This was going to be complicated; he thought as he thought what Edison was going to do as he started to turn to the Demons.
"So, you want confirmation that we're from Starfleet?" Edison asked as his gaze turned towards the three demons as his face turned into one of concern and encouragement.
"If you have any proof, that is, we would be happy to see it." Alastor smugly replied as he towered above Edison, trying to intimidate him like he did so many demons before him. Edison wasn't scared of Alastor; you couldn't be scared from much after you fought against a drugged-up Mugato.
Edison then smirked smugly as he pulled out his Communicator. It was gray and slim, something you'd see in an early 21st-century phone. He then flipped open the top, which made a slight noise when exposed.
"Edison to Excalibur. She'rl, send a shuttlecraft down to the coordinates in which we transported too, make sure that the shuttle is large, we some guests with us." Edison commanded with confidence into his Communicator as he looked at the Demons.
"Aye, Sir." The Voicevoice talked back from the Communicator. The Voicevoice was female and spoke with conviction. "But wouldn't it be more effective if we could Transport you?" The voice questioned.
"Oh no, I just need to get our new friends to get acquainted with us. And part of the newfound relations is transparency and openness." Edison calmly asserted.
"I'll expect you soon, Lieutenant. Edison Out." Edison finished speaking as he closed the Communicator by closing its top case.
"What's a shuttlecraft?" Charlie questioned as she stepped forward to Edison.
"Oh, a shuttlecraft is an auxiliary spacecraft designed for short trips in space, such as between surface and orbit." Edison explained as he moved as he went into the direction of the doors. "Follow me; she should be here soon."
"Who is?" Charlie asked as she followed behind Edison, much to Vaggie's behest.
"Lieutenant She'rl. She's the Chief Helm Officer on the Excalibur. She's a Caitian, essentially a feline species." Edison stated as he stopped at the door.
"Your Federation sure does have a lot of diversity in it," Charlie added as she stopped behind Edison.
"Well, that's a given when there are over 100 member worlds and countless different species. In its inception, the Federation started as four members worlds, Humans, Vulcans, Tellarites, and Andorians. However, it has had some rough times, such as the Earth-Romulan War in the 2150s and 2160s and the 1st Klingon War in the 2250s. But every time, we manage to endure and triumph, even when the probabilities are against us." Edison spoke with sincerity and earnestness. He remembered when the Klingon War Started, his father was a Commander aboard the USS Maine, a Shepard-class.
Edison was around 18 years old when the conflict started when he began his first year of Starfleet Academy. There was constant anxiety in the academy that Earth would be attacked and pillaged. To be fair, they weren't far from the truth; it was like Starfleet was losing more territory to the Klingons every day. Edison and his class were inducted into Starfleet to defend Earth from a Klingon attack. But thankfully, Edison didn't have to fire his phaser rifle he was given due to the Klingons accepting peace and departing from Federation Space.
Back in the present, Edison couldn't shake his time during the war. It was a topic he mainly kept to himself, even in the presence of his father. Edison couldn't shake the feeling if it weren't for a bomb in a volcano on the Klingon homeworld; Edison and his class were, in all honestly were going to be killed or taken prisoner and sent into slavery. He was and still is unmistakably thankful that the battle for Earth never took place, but he wondered how long he would last, if he could ever last at all.
Charlie could see that Edison was distressed; she could see it in his eyes. She then put her hand on his shoulder as she tried to comfort him.
"You look nervous, Edison. Do you want to talk about it?" Asked Charlie as a look of concern appeared on her face.
"Oh," Edison said as he looked embarrassed. Captains were supposed to be strong and not to show any weaknesses, but he had to get this mind; maybe it could show Charlie that they weren't Demons and were humans.
"I'm just thinking. Remember the Klingon war I said when I was saying the Federation can win against anything? Well, I was only 18 when it started. And we were losing. Badly." Edison started as he sat down on a chair nearby the couch, with Charlie listening.
"I was starting my first year in Starfleet Academy. My Dad, who's an Admiral now, was the First officer aboard the Starship Maine. Starfleet was losing dozen of ships per day. Even Earth was threatened with being taken over by the Klingons. That was when my class and I were tasked with defending it along with the other forces. I was only 19 years old; I was just a kid." Edison tried to explain to Charlie as he pushed his fingers through his brown hair.
"You did what you were told to. It's what you were supposed to do." Charlie said as she tried to comfort Edison. "Did they ever attack Earth?" Questioned Charlie as she pulled a chair and sat next to Edison so that she could better support him.
"No, a starship put a bomb volcano on the Klingon homeworld, which could destroy it if it was detonated. It forced the Klingons to sign peace, and soon after, they exited from Federation Space. But if they did come if and the bomb wasn't planted..." Edison Paused. "I would've either been killed or sent slavery." Edison yielded as his head dropped to the floor, with him holding both of his hands.
Charlie put her hand on Edison's back, trying to ease his stress. "I'm sorry, Edison. But, I guess the thing to take from that is that you lived. You lived to fight another day. Look at where you are now. I might not undividedly trust you yet, but you seem to be rather well off for yourself." Charlie comforted Edison as she spoke in a calming voice.
"Charlie, I-" Edison said before a noise abruptly began to seep into the lobby. It was a loud but steady noise, but it steadily went down in amplification and loudness. The ground of the lobby began to vibrate, kind of like a miniature earthquake slowly, but no damage was sustained to the structure itself, it would seem. Vaggie clutched her spear as she began to look around the lobby for the originating point for the noise. However, Edison and the Starfleet crew remained calm as the voice lowered in volume, which slowly came to a stop. "What the hell was that?" Vaggie loudly inquired as he fast-paced to where Edison and Charlie were sitting.
"Hey, "Captain," have any idea what the hell that was?!" She bellowed at Edison as she pointed the spear at him once again. Knowing Edison's command, the security team did not raise their Phasers; instead, they followed a tactic of getting near Vaggie. Edison then stood tall as he straightened his uniform.
A noise inside the Communicator beeped out; as Edison opened its top part, the same female voice from before spoke. "She'rl here, I just landed, sir. I have to say, this place is weird! Any idea what this place is?" She'rl questioned from the inside of the Communicator. "I'll explain later, Lieutenant, Edison out," Edison stated as he closed his Communicator.
Alastor seemed delighted by all this happening as he followed Edison and his crew; he didn't have anything planned for that day, so he decided he would go to this Starship that these "Starfleet Officers" talked much about.
"That's our ticket to my ship, Vaggie. Everyone, follow me." Edison said, unequivocally out of his trance, and began to walk towards the large front doors. Edison then signaled his crew to carry the unconscious security officer and to follow him. But before Edison opened the door to the outside, he heard someone rushing through the hallway leading to the lobby. When turning his gaze, three somewhat unusual demons came into the lobby at varying speeds.
The first demon who entered through the wall was tall, around two and half meters. It had a slim build with fluffy white hair and pink details on his skin, including a distinctive pink love-heart on the back of its head. It wore eye-shadow and eyeliner, and while both of his irises are pink, his left eye has a dark sclera and no pupil. It also possessed a single golden fang among his sharp teeth. The Demon seemed to be wearing a long white suit blazer with horizontal pink stripes down the length, a black and cerise-pink bowtie, a black miniskirt, and long black thigh-high heeled boots. What surprised Edison the most was that the demon had two sets of arms on both sides, kind of like arachnids species. The demon, which was surprising, was carrying a 20th-century era Thompson Machine gun on both of its sides.
The Second demon who came in was in stark contrast with the first demon who came in. The Demon was small and had a one-eyed in the center of its face, akin to a cyclops. It also had short and scruffy red-pink hair with a yellow undertone. It was coming into the lobby fast, eagerly expecting anyone who would come in.
The third and final demon reminded Edison of his helm officer. The demon had the appearance of a feline cat, something like a caitian. Its fur is taupe-colored, overlayed with white fur on his face, torso, feet, and upper arm. Underneath each of his paws, both hands and feet are yellow-orange hearts. It had long red eyebrows with dark red vertical stripes near the tips and a small black heart above each eyebrow. Its eyes are brown with yellow-orange irises. Its tail was a grayish brown and long, ending with a large spray of what seemed to be feathers, which were red with black and white stripes. Its wings are large and red, with black stripes and suits. The Demon also wore a black top hat with a red hatband, a golden hat decoration, a red bowtie, and a darker taupe encircling his ankles, mimicking spats.
"Hey! Who the hell are you guys, and what the hell was that noise?!" The First demon spoke with a Brooklyn accent, reminding Edison of a friend he knew while being a cadet during his time in the academy.
"Oh boy! New people!" The second demon who rushed in was an energetic voice. "At least there is someone who is accepted of us." Edison thought as the demon came towards him and his crew.
In contrast to the first two demons, the third demon came into the lobby, unenergetic and slow. It would seem that it was carrying a bottle of sorts with an orangeish liquid inside it. The bottle was labeled with "Cheap Booze" and three Xs on its side. "What the hell is this?" It asked in a harsh, lazy, and apathetic voice.
"Calm down, Angel," Charlie spoke with a reassuring voice as she tried to calm him down.
"Jesus! Why the hell do these guys look so weird? They look like Cherry Solider!" Angel loudly inquired as he got a closer look at the Starfleet crew. He was enthralled the most by Kylkuc. "Jesus Christ, man! What the hell happened to your ears?"
Kylkuc looked indifferent through Angel's question; it was usual of Vulcans to act that way.
"Sir, nothing happened to my ears; I was born this way," Kylkuc responded to Angel's question. "I am a Vulcan." He spoke smoothly as he straightened his uniform.
"A what now?" Angel questioned. Edison sighed; it looked like he was going to have one more introduction for the day. His direction turned to Angel as he introduced himself and Starfleet for the fourth time today.
But before Edison could adequately introduce himself and his crew, he was interrupted by the short demon coming up to him and raising her hand upwards to Edison. "Hi, there! I'm Niftty! It's a pleasure to meet you!" She spoke in a dynamic voice and a broad smile. Edison smiled back at her as he went down to shake her hand. "It's a pleasure to meet you." He said to Niftty as he stood back up.
Husk seemed indifferent to the situation as he paced himself next to Xehrarv, who also seemed indifferent about the situation as well. "Who the hell are you supposed to be?" Husk asked the Tellarite as he studied its appearance. "I'm his security officer," Xehrarv replied as he pointed at Edison as he seemed to be talking about Niftty about how much it was a pleasure to meet her. "No, I mean, who are you supposed to be?" Husk reiterated his question as he pointed to Xehrarv's body. "I've never seen a demon like you before." Xehrarv's gaze turned to Husk so that he could answer his question.
"I am not a demon. I am a tellarite." Xehrarv answered Husk's question with slight apprehension. "Never heard of those before. Are they a new species that sprung up?" Husk asked Xehrarv. "They're not a new species; they've been an integral species in the Federation since its inception." Replied Xehrarv. "The Federation? What do you mean by that?" Husk further questioned the Tellarite as he became more and more curious about what he was saying. "Just let the Captain explain it," Xehrarv replied as he pointed to Edison, who was perplexed by the short one-eyed demon in front of him. "Alright, so what are you? His bodyguard or something?" Husk asked as he took a drink from his bottle. Xehrarv chuckled as he crossed his arms. "Pretty much. I have to cover the asses of that Earther and the 430 people under him."
Xehrarv joked as he pointed to his Captain. Husk laughed as he stopped drinking from his bottle and smirked afterward. "Hm, I gotta respect that; you sure do have a lot of asses to cover. It must be pretty exhausting in bed." Husk joked. Xehrarv lightly laughed as Husk made his joke. "Oh no, nothing like that. I already one back on..." He paused. "Nevermind."
"Well, I should introduce ourselves," Edison said as he straightened his uniform.
"I am Captain Edison James Hendrix of the Starship Excalibur. I represent an Interstellar union called the United Federation of Planets and its exploratory and military arm, Starfleet. You may have seen our ship above one of your cities." Edison informed Angel, Husk, and Niftty.
"A United Federation of-? Hahaha!" Angel laughed as he tried his best not fall to fall to the floor. Edison was expecting this; the majority of the demons they've encountered so far didn't believe in the Federation existence. And to be completely honest, he was sick of it, but it was time to show them that the Federation did indeed exist.
"A Federation of Planets?! That's spectacular!" Niftty called out, clearly ecstatic by Edison's new information that he gave. Edison was welcomely surprised by Niftty's response. She was probably the first beside demon besides Charlie to be not only open to the idea of the Federation existing but support it.
"A Federation of Planets? What is this, some kind of joke?" Husk questioned Xehrarv. "If we were joking, we'd all be court material and sent to Penal Settlement in New Zealand or somewhere for violating a half a dozen codes and violations. So no, we're not." The tellarite responded to Husk.
Edison smiled as he proceeded to address Angel. "So, you want proof about the Federation?" Edison said calmly to the spider demon.
"Heh. Sure buddy, you might as well open that door and show us your fucking ship!" Angel sarcastically said to Edison before he turned and opened the doors. In front of the demons was something that they never expected in the slightest.
In front of the demons was not the usual pavement of the front of the hotel; it was instead an object they had never seen or been able to comprehend before. It was rectangular in shape, with it curving down at it reached the end of the craft itself. Its color was a light gray with stripes of red across its side, extending horizontally. Between the red lines, black lettering proudly presenting its point of origin: USS Excalibur NCC-1756. Near the center where it curved down, there was a dark window into the shuttlecraft, where She'rl was sitting, examining her PADD's readings. On the side of the shuttlecraft were two long rows of a slim gray rectangle with a black-gray material lining its side. The top right side had a letter on it, specifically the letter four. Near the front of the shuttle, there was red cursive lettering on it, proudly displaying its name: Lancelot.
The demon's reaction to the shuttlecraft varied. Instantaneously, Angel stopped laughing and stood back up as he witnessed the shuttlecraft thoroughly. Angel never particularly expected good things to happen to him; it was just how life was for him in hell. But it was without a doubt different; it was mindboggling, to say the least, that these people were being truthful. Charlie became fixated on the shuttle, walking up to it as she examined it more. Slowly but surely, she suddenly became more joyful that these people were telling the truth. For one of the only times, she was being told the truth and being treated with kindness, something she sorely needed.
As Vaggie's gaze turned to the Lancelot, she changed the position of her spear so that it was in the attack posture. Vaggie was used to demons and sinners lying to Charlie, but it was surprising that of all people, it would be people from another dimension who would be the ones telling the truth to her and treating her like a living person. Alastor slowly walked to the shuttle and placed his hand on its side in very slight awe; he had been very, very doubtful of humanity's abilities. But seeing them create this small but somewhat impressive craft impressed Alastor, but in the very meagerest terms, however.
Niftty began to rush and circle the shuttle, inspecting each and every detail. She was simply ecstatic that people frankly from the future were here in hell and came to them of all demons! Not to say the shuttle was cool, too; she had never seen anything like it before when she was alive or during her time in hell. It was sleek, futuristic, and, most importantly, clean. Husk was surprised by the shuttle; it reminded him of the military vehicles of the Vietnam war, most distinctly the M113 armored personnel carrier. He tried his best to forget the horrors of warfare through any means necessary, most commonly through drinking whatever was around him. But something about this shuttle reminded him about that time, processing in mind that maybe these people were indeed human. Whether they were actually nice or not, only time would tell.
As the demons were studying the shuttlecraft, Edison had an immense smile across his face, like he finally was given gratification after so much doubt and disbelief by the demons. He then walked to Charlie, who was still gazing at the shuttlecraft.
"So, what do you think?" Edison asked, still smiling.
Charlie looked back at him with joviality, looking directly into Edison's brown eyes. "It's-It's amazing! I've never seen anything like it!" Charlie responded as her smile beamed into Edison's body like a ray. "Well, thank the crew at Utopia Planitia shipyards; they're the ones who built the thing." Edison joked as he leaned on the shuttlecraft. Then his gaze turned towards Alastor, whose hand was still on the shuttlecraft, still examining it all of its glory. Edison suddenly had an idea of what to say to him, seeing that he somewhat believed now that they were telling the truth, when in contrast to when they first met back in the lobby not too long ago.
"I'll be back," Edison said to Charlie as he took off his hand off the shuttlecraft and then cruised to Alastor, whose eyes were fixated on the shuttlecraft. Alastor hadn't seen anything this futuristic; the only thing he could recollect that could match the appearance of the shuttlecraft was the spacecraft from old science fiction comics of when he was young on Earth.
Edison stopped by Alastor's side as he noticed that he was fixated on the shuttlecraft. He then smiled as he began to speak to Alastor.
"So, Mr. Alastor. Still believe that we're mere demons in disguise for a joke?" Edison joked to Alastor, with the smirk on his face somehow against all conventions, enlarging.
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