When did you realize that you needed to grow up?

2021.12.04 14:08 NaijaBadass When did you realize that you needed to grow up?

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2021.12.04 14:08 moncrafter2012 😂😂😂

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2021.12.04 14:08 dry0n The Noyrd - Vorágine

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2021.12.04 14:08 svanapps r/Bitcoin - Exchanging Bitcoin is now technically a foreign exchange transaction (official currency in El Salvador).

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2021.12.04 14:08 DiligentPride2 How the hell did Tia and Nicolle afford this wedding ?

Between the dress, venue, lots of flowers, they’ve obviously had someone plan it for them. All we’ve heard this season is how broke they are. WETV-money wedding ?
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2021.12.04 14:08 FlamingFury691 Is Turkey in Europe or Asia?

I've heard a lot of people say Turkey is in Asia so please tell me what the general public thinks
View Poll
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2021.12.04 14:08 Confused-Lover-247 Lumpy bump on back of neck

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2021.12.04 14:08 LegitimateAd7979 Selling 💎300 gems for 200$ .. stock up before payouts

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2021.12.04 14:08 Davidweb1337 Leave of absence with 1 subject left?

Hi everyone,
I have 1 subject left to complete for my course but it is only offered in semester 2 of 2022. Will I need to complete a leave of absence form for semester 1?
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2021.12.04 14:08 Kryddsalvia Will there ever be an alternative to oral contraceptives in terms of getting rid of menstruation altogether?

Is there any research being done?
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2021.12.04 14:08 dumbass-hick Pepe cosplay

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2021.12.04 14:08 ohyouwillseemeoften The Seven Layers of the Metaverse

Experience - Games, Social, Esports, Theater, Shopping
Discovery - Ad Networks, Social Curation, Ratings, Stores, Agents
Creator Economy - Design Tools, Asset Markets, Workflow, Commerce
Spatial Computing - 3D Engines, VAXR. Multitasking u, Geospatial Mapping
Decentralization - Edge Computing, Al Agents, Microservices, Blockchain
Human Interface - Mobile, Smartglasses, Wearables, Haptic, Gestures, Voice, Neural
infrastructure - 50, WiFi 8, 6G, Cloud, 7nm to 1.4nm, MEMS, GPUs, Materials
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2021.12.04 14:08 ZenApollo Feature Request: Reader Styling

Hey Polar Team! This is my first time using this app, and I love it. I've been looking for something with this feature-set for YEARS literally. Thanks so much for all your hard work!
One thing that would make the product even more excellent is a few more reader styling options.
- Fonts: a handful of options, 5-8, mix of serif vs sans
- Font size is really not needed because of the zoom in and out feature. ✅
- Line spacing would be great (I'm a fan of 1.1 - 1.2, 1.0 is a little hard to read.)
- A border or more like a digital bezel
- Probably an option to unblue links (nice to have grey scale when reading for fast scanning)
Since I'm spending so much time in your app reading papers, it would be so nice to be able to customize if for my eyeballs.
Thanks again for all your great work!
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2021.12.04 14:08 fujiwara_racing Famous Street Food | Ice Scramble

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2021.12.04 14:08 Idysela [F4A] Looking for two very different RP settings!

I am 18+ and all characters and participants must be 18+
Hello! I’m a decently experienced role player looking to find something in a fantasy setting, specifically to use my D&D character with. It doesn’t have to be dirty, and if it is it doesn’t have to have a lot of smut or anything.
I’m open to a lot of different more specific ideas and would love to talk and discuss ideas with you! Also if you’re willing to be a sort of DM for a sort of single person dnd adventure that’d be wonderful but I’m also totally good with you just playing as another character!
So my character is a female Aasimar light cleric in her mid 20s, she works hard to heal and help others as much as she can, while also using radiant beams of light to burn her enemies to a crisp. She is a lesbian so anything with guys will have to be either non-con or very very drunk.
I also have a couple other characters I could use if you’re not interested by her, a Dragonborn, a Yuan-Ti, and a Tiefling! All three are female as well!(though I’d be open to making them futa too.)
For a specific idea I’m hoping to have her set out on a bit of an adventure traveling through the land, either by herself with meeting other people for short times, or with a group of people to talk to and interact with!
For my other idea that I’d like to do, I was hoping to have something in either a more modern setting or a cyberpunk, set in a big city! I’d be hoping most for a romance between two female characters but I’m also open to other stuff if you have ideas.
If we can do the romance idea, then I’d love for our characters to be from very different backgrounds, one of them from the poorer parts of the city and she grew up a rough life, while the other would be more well off, with the ‘perfect’ family and everything she’d ever wanted.
If you’re interested in something else in that same sort of setting that’s not romance, then feel free to offer up whatever you have in mind! I assure you I’m open to a lot of stuff!
Here’s a sample of my writing! I can write more or less depending on what you’d prefer, and also am very open to first or third person, so it can change up some!
Annalise yawned tiredly as she sat up in her simple wooden bed, rubbing the sleep from her eyes slowly. Outside birds were chirping as they flew through the warm air, the trees rustling slightly in the wind. Visible from the girl’s simple window was the entrance to the village, where adventurers were currently entering, the late morning sun already lighting up the world.
Curious to meet the travelers and knowing she ought to finally get up anyway, Annalise slowly clambered out of bed and started to dress herself. She put on a long but simple blue dress and fixed up her hair some, pulling out the knots in it and untangling it.
Soon she was out the door of her small home, eager to greet the adventurers entering town, giving amazed looks at their menacing looking gear and their fancy armor, excited to meet someone new. “Hello!” She exclaimed as she waved at the arrivals.
And that’s a sample of a post I could do! Something like that would more likely be an opener, as I prefer shorter more often responses of maybe a paragraph to give both people the chance to add things in.
If you’re interested at all then please send me a message here, and we can move over to either kik or discord, with a preference for discord!
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2021.12.04 14:08 ErwinFurwinPurrwin QAnon believer wonders why he hasn't seen anyone die from the vaccine yet.

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2021.12.04 14:08 Pootis_1 D E E P S T R I K E

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2021.12.04 14:08 amanita313 Amílcar - Gumbo [Nu Jazz / Lounge] (2021)

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2021.12.04 14:08 Jigging_reel Subtle joke - Majority of gas station scenes contain a Prius and an environmental lawyer

Think this is the 15th time I binge watch the series that just keeps on giving and giving. This time around, I'm a little in doubt if I read too much into it, or if I really found a subtle joke planted by the writers. The majority of the gas station scenes in the series feature an environmental lawyer and his beloved Prius... When all others are driving thirsty cars, they are not seen at the gas stations to the same extent.

Only me?
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2021.12.04 14:08 CrippledSangi My ex gf is 44, I'm 32M / AMA

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2021.12.04 14:08 Excellent_Addition37 Show me what you can do.

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2021.12.04 14:08 opcoupon 16% off >> $137.99>> ANBERNIC RG351MP Retro Handheld Game Console Banggood Coupon Promo Code [144GB]

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2021.12.04 14:08 Fair_Ask670 Nr 5441 - Jordan Hill - Remember Me This Way

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2021.12.04 14:08 DocRampage That's pretty fitting

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2021.12.04 14:08 missmortimer_ Daily Chat Post- 4th December 2021

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